Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ready to go.

I know I’ve already bragged about how on top of things I’ve been this Christmas … and well, I’m sort of about to do it again …

I have one last present that is due to arrive on my door step this evening (so says the UPS Tracking system) … and upon receiving that one last package, all gifts will be in my possession.  shortly after it’s arrival, it will be ooohhed and awwed over for a few, and then promptly wrapped up and tied with a bow (or brown twine to be specific).  it will then be placed under our humble little Christmas tree … at which point in time, I will sit back in relaxed satisfaction.

100% done.  finished.  ready for the fun to begin.

come friday evening, I will have my killer chocolate cheesecake baked to deliciousness and cinnamon rolls ready for baking come Christmas morning …

after that, my Christmas responsibilities will include: (in no particular order and most likely on repeat)

snuggling with my cute husband in our pajamas
eating lots of good food
watching my hubs play with his christmas presents
singing with the fam
laughing (in my very full and loud laugh, as it has been described)
sipping on pepperminty hot chocolate
napping by the fire
and so on …

man, I have been so on top of things (bragging again), I even got the package sent off to the southern of the two dakotas for the benson family … get this … BEFORE Christmas.  this should not be something to be proud of, but for some reason, I am really good at buying gifts but really bad at sending them.  therefore, the fact that their package is due to arrive approximately 2 days prior to Christmas, I am feeling very proud.  so proud, actually, that it just might make me better at sending gifts in the mail … on time.  what a concept.


aside from being totally on top of things (last time, I promise), we have also been able to celebrate the season with a party or two …

one was a bit of a formal occasion … I love an excuse to get all dolled up … and thankfully, so does my hubs (although I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t use that term to describe it)

when I casually asked erik what he was wearing to the party, I presumed he would respond with: my nice jeans, collared shirt, and that black sport coat (an ensemble that I actually adore on him)

but much to my surprise, he came down stairs in a tie, a vest, a pair of gray pants and square toed black shoes. {sidenote:  ladies, if you can find a man that enjoys dressing well, it makes getting dressed up that much more fun!  i.e.}

anyways, as usual, we didn’t get a pre-evening pic, when shirts were still tucked in, hair was still in tact, and makeup was still visible … but these will do!

IMG_1784ejdancemy favorite from the night

merry almost Christmas!

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