Friday, December 23, 2011


that’s why it’s called “Killer Chocolate Cheesecake”

IMG_1801… see …

and this is the book I have a date with this afternoon.  along with copious amounts of bittersweet chocolate and cream cheese.  it’s going to be amazing.  again.

in an effort to expand my culinary repertoire, I usually try to find a new chocolatey creation to make for Christmas Eve dessert … but this year, even though presents were purchased and wrapped in a timely fashion, the busyness of parties, rehearsals at church, out of town family, etc … I haven’t had the time to find a new fantastic display of sugary delight.  thus, dessert this year will be a re-do. 

one.  because it was so raved about the year that it made it’s first appearance.
two. because I’ve made it a few times since, and has become relatively easy {and thus, won’t cause me the stress of wondering, “will this turn out?”}
and three.  because, hello, it’s called killer chocolate cheesecake. 
enough said.

for all those that don’t appreciate the deliciousnses that is “cheesecake”, you are missing out.

best of luck on the escapades in the kitchen this weekend! 

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