Tuesday, December 13, 2011

sneak peak

as in the past 2 years of my “married woman/adulthood” status, i included in our Christmas card another poem:  {call me cheesy, but the rhyming just seems to come to me}

Merry Christmas!

As raindrops turn to frozen flakes,
Ice adorns the ponds and lakes,
Peppermint and cocoa warm,
As clouds embark on winter’s storm,

To a close comes the year,
A chapter ends as new is near,
With steady haste the pages turn,
With every line, in life we learn,

This year began, at the start,
A little pup stole our heart,
So home we brought the tiny guy,
He’s grown as every day goes by,

Lost have we a sock or two,
Clothes and trees he likes to chew,
Hyper describes him not enough,
Energy wrapped in short-haired fluff,

A few more pages passed us by,
Then celebrated 2 years high,
Loving blessed wedded bliss,
Thank the Lord for gifts like this,

Summer’s page came late this year,
Spring held on to each sweet tear,
But then the heat arrived in style,
And warmed us up a good long while,

Thirty years marked September,
The decade third, he’s a member,
The Mister’s moving up the hill,
His younger wife in twenties still,

As leaves depart the trees to fall,
Thanks we give as is our call,
Embracing future pages blank,
For hope and love we have to thank,

The chapter’s full of memories,
Pages filled with histories,
Laughter painted pages bright,
The chapter new is turning right,

So as your story turns it’s page,
And blank becomes the coming stage,
May love & laughter be your song,
And joy define your story long,

And in between each line and word,
May every carol be truly heard;
For the story told is more than trees,
More than snow and Christmas things,

More than decking halls around,
It’s angel’s harking heaven’s sound,
In the breathe of infant sweet,
Beside the King, we bear a seat.

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Anonymous said...

I love your yearly poems! you're so creative!