Tuesday, December 13, 2011

my Christmas tips

Hello again.  The season has got to me!  It’s taken time {and my writing} away from me.  But, I am pleased to announce that I am 95% finished with my Christmas shopping {including the wrapping}, I have helped not only my parents with gifts for their friends, but am also in the process of running around the little town of Folsom {thank you Mr. Cash for putting this place on the map} to help my grandmother with her gift for my mom.  Whewww.  I’m worn out just thinking about it.  Ok, not really, because most of it is finished!  {Sorry for bragging, but I’m a little proud of my “on-top-of-things-while-working-a-full-time-job” status, right now.

In light of my Christmas-To-Do-List being almost completely marked with checks of completion {that’s pretty metaphorical, because I’m not really the kind of person to make lists and actually cross them off}, I thought I’d share a few of my money saving tips for this season. {Only because I am really exited about them!}

Christmas cards: 
Ordering Christmas cards from Shutterfly or My Publisher {or even Walmart} with all those cutesy pre-made templates {though fun}, can be expensive.  I’m talking $1-$2 PER-card-expensive.  My tip:  design your own {I used photoshop this year, but last year, I used the power duo: picasa and picnik}.  Save it as a picture and then simply order them as 5x7 pictures … for an even better price, do it through Costco.  I purchased 45-5x7’s for $18 {printed in one hour} … and I didn’t even have to twist any arms to get them to throw in the super nice silver-lined Christmas envelopes for free.  Yes.  I said FREE.


Wrapping paper: {this idea was stolen borrowed from another crafty thinker off of pinterest}
Paper bags.  Total cost: FREE {with the purchase of groceries of course}
Make cute labels out of scrapbook paper
Tie with twine: Walmart for only funf {or cinco, is you are more familiar with espanol than german} dollars. 
Saves moola on paper and bows.
I am extremely pleased. {I’m all about themes … I like it all looking the same.  Is that weird?}


Lastly, an uber girly gift idea: {also stolen borrowed from pinterest}
Lemon sugar scrub {contents already in my cupbards}: lemons, sugar {I used brown & white}, & olive oil
Glass jars: $1 each from Cost Plus {or World Market … whichever you prefer to call it}
More twine and a cute label designed on picnik.
Super cute … and it makes your hands {and even your lips} feel softer {and sweeter!}than you know what.


So, there you go.  I can be crafty … every once in a while! 

I hope your Christmas lists aren’t distracting you from enjoying the season and the gift that is Christ’s birth!

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Anonymous said...

I WRAPPED ALL MY PRESENTS WITH BROWN PAPER TOO!!! Great ideas!!! And I'm impressed by your organization!