Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the gravy project



“something advantageous or valuable that is received or obtained as a benefit beyond what is due or expected.”


2011 is the year of the gravy project.  it was established by my sweet mamacita {for those that don’t know my father’s native tongue, that is español for “little mama”.  I can say that, because there are roughly 7 inches from the top of her head to mine}  and I continue.  on Christmas day, my mom gave each family in our family-circle a journal.  along with the journal was a note, inviting us to join her in this “gravy project”. 

what is the “gravy project” you ask? 

the project is this: to write, jot, scribble, draw {or however feels best to you} the gravy that is in your life.  the gravy that you experienced that day.  every day.  gravy is the stuff that we don’t need.  it’s the little gifts from God that come unexpected.  it’s the silly things.  it’s the big things.  it’s all the things in between.  the project is to remember them.  to avoid the tendency we have to just skim over the little joys in life.  like that open parking space that reduces your walk into the store by even 10 steps.  that cup of coffee that someone made/brought/bought for you … just because.  the letter/e-mail from that old friend you’ve been thinking about.  the dinner that turned out just right.  the incredible man that works so hard to provide for you, every day.  the little conveniences that made your day better, whether you realized it or not.  REALIZE it.  APPRECIATE it.  REMEMBER it.  and in the process, thank the ONE who gave them to you.  the ultimate goal is to focus on the blessings God brings us every day … and waste less time dwelling on that stupid excuse for a bad attitude.  or even a mediocre attitude.

would you like to join us in the gravy project?  Start a journal.  it doesn’t have to be every day.  just remember to take the time to be thankful.  my dad is taking the project a step further.  forego those things that have become a “normal” part of your day/life that don’t need to be.  {example: he has decided to eat what is needed, and not was is available.  that extra burger that he wasn’t hungry for was simply a want, not so much a need.  he is determined to be thankful for that one burger, and forego the second} 

I do it when I do my quiet times.  it’s amazing how many little {and ginormous} things there are to be grateful for.

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