Monday, January 3, 2011

call me a romantic.

oh ya.  remember that special delivery that I was a little overly-excited about, just before Christmas?  well, it was a hit.  he LOVED it.  it was a book.  two books actually.  authored by us. 

Every adventure since the vows were exchanged to the day the tree was decorated.  documented in full.  bound to perfection.  it is a photo album detailing the first of our many adventures.  each page has a story behind it.  a memory deeply rooted to the smiles in each picture.  it turned out beautifully. 

Picnik Art1

{Photo Album Cover}

not only that, but I had our “love letters” printed and bound into our very own story book.  we have our “notebook” {the romantic in me is swooning right now.}.  see, the beginning of our friendship-slash-relationship began and developed over … dare I say it … text messaging.  I know, I know!  ridiculous.  why not talk on the phone?  or communicate face-to-face?  be a little more personal, why don’t you?  well … I’ll just say it … I was scared.  and that sweet man on the other side of the text-message chain saw that.  thus, he pursued through text.  smart man, actually.  and I will include, that those text messages occurred before, after, and in-between the times we did spent face to face {which grew to be much more frequent as time went on … obviously}.  anyways, now we have official documentation of those little comments and conversations that resulted in copious amounts of butterflies and increased pigmentation in my cheeks {i.e. blushing}. 

after we became “official” {only the best dtr ever, might I add}, we decided to type out our texts so that we wouldn’t forget them.  and that we did.  as far back as the phone log would recall … to the day after that dtr.  and now, it’s printed.  and bound.  in our very own book of memories. 


{our love letter cover}

I know he loved it.  his hands shook ever so slightly as he carefully turned each page.  it’s been almost two years, and this is just the beginning of our story.


Anonymous said...

wow! that's adorable! what a great idea!!!

Shawna said...

this is amazing. what a special keepsake. love you jules.

Sarah Benson said...

very cool!