Monday, January 10, 2011

pursuing extraordinary

Monday. Today is the second Monday of 2011. and now, the days will begin to repeat. Tuesday will be followed by roughly 50 more, as will all the other days of the week. Work continues. Responsibilities pick up. Time begins to move … faster than it did, just 10 sweet days ago. I have not formally sat in front of a blank Word document, {or even a pad of paper for that matter} to pen the decisions, the changes, the commitments that I will make resolute. Maybe I haven’t had the time … or maybe I just haven’t thought about it. regardless of the reason for which I am tardy in establishing my goals for 2011, I do know that I am excited. I’m ready to see what the next 355 days bring to my door step. It’s really a quite exhilarating feeling. new. fresh. it’s an adventure into uncharted territory. I have never experienced January 11th, 2011. I have not yet seen June 1st, 2011. and I can’t even begin to describe what October 2011 looks like. because we have yet to meet. and how exciting is it to know that there is something new, waiting for me on that day? who knows … it could be frightening. it might even be devastating. but it could be extraordinary. for now, I am praying that when my calendar sheds it’s last page in the year 2011, that the word to which I will attach my overall memories of the year will be … EXTRAORDINARY. is that my “word for the year”? I don’t know. I’ve never done that before. maybe it should be. but I also like words like "pursue." "dream." "grow." "determine." ooo, I like that. I am going to live this year: pursuing extraordinary. in my marriage. in my work. in my ministry. in my relationships. in my growth. and in my walk with my Savior. there are too many areas in my life where I want to grow … to be better … to be more simple. I want to be realistic with my approach … but at the same time, why limit God? shoot for the stars. pursue the extraordinary.

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