Wednesday, January 12, 2011

things I am currently loving:

  • Picasa Collages {indulging my romantic obsession}


:: our wedding in the rain ::

  • Pomegranate Cranberry fruit & oat bars from Archer Farms {courtesy of Sarah Benson … thank you!}
  • new recipes {or even recycled ones that had been retired for much too long} thank you very much “blackened chicken Caesar salad” for turning out so great
  • instagram {super cool iphone app that transforms regular old pics into works of art}
  • productivity
  • pretty nails {it’s been since junior high that I regularly painted & polished my nails.  the attempt has succeeded for two weeks so far.  here’s hoping it lasts!}
  • super cuddly husband {he’d probably seriously role his eyes if he knew I posted that, but what’s he gonna do about it?} thank you uber cold weather!
  • wool coats.  new and old … they are a savior to my frigid bones.
  • flowy scarves {adding a girlish touch to every outfit}
  • puppies {namely German shorthairs named Porter}