Thursday, September 8, 2011

bragging rights

here is yet another post dedicated solely to bragging about non other than, my husband.  why, you ask?  because I can

I claim my bragging rights as his wife.  it’s not only my privilege, but also my duty.

it’s not my fault he gives me so many reasons to brag.

so forgive me if my bragging gets dull, boring, or over-the-top.  it’s just gonna happen every now and again.

today’s reason in particular for my bragging:


this could very well be a picture of my husband, sans the earring.  and maybe adding a few extra inches via some spikey hair.

the reason for his resemblance to this well-known friend of the household cleaning supply, is that upon my arrival at our little abode last night, I was greeted not only with a very sweet hug and kiss {at the door of my car no less}, but also with the smell of “clean”.  {I realize that “clean” is more of a descriptive word – i.e. adjective, but in this case, it’s very much a noun.} 

the sink was free of food caked dishes, the carpet newly vacuumed, the bathrooms sparkly clean, and onions already chopped for dinner.  in fact, he cleaned so much, that I continued to notice more “clean” things throughout the evening.

impressive.  spectacular.  I mean, I’d love him a million times a million even if he didn’t clean the house, but you know, it’s a wonderful surprise!

his work has been a little slower than usual these past few weeks, but he has certainly not slowed down.  i.e. my clean house.

ok, I’m done bragging now.

as always: until next time …

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