Tuesday, September 6, 2011

porter = klepto

remember this face?

IMG_0676          IMG_0703

well, it’s not so little any more … nor so innocent.  at just 9 months old, this little pup has turned into a thief.  yes, like most pups, he is a bit of a chewer {although not as bad as he could be}.  he is also a whiner {he just can’t help being separated from his bff’s by a thin glass door}.

but more ridiculous than most puppy behavior are his kleptomaniac tendencies.  his primary weakness?  our bedding.  for a pup that’s not allowed on furniture {especially our bed}, he has found a way to bring the comforts of said furniture to himself.  

here is how he works:

he begins his night nestled on his mat, lovingly placed on the ground by erik’s side of the bed.  he starts early, by stretching his long body along the side of the bed, so as to appear still obediently situated on his mat; while in reality, he is inching his way toward his target.

approximately 2 minutes after the lights go out and voices have quieted, he makes his move.  he quietly turns the corner at the foot of the bed and begins to feel for the excess comforter.  {given that our summer months are marked by high digits, the comforter seems to make its way towards to foot of the bed more often than not.}

he grabs {even lacking opposable thumbs, he still “grabs”} the edge of the comforter, lays down, then rolls, pulling the comforter off of the bed and around his dog haired self. 

most of the time, we sleep so hard, we don’t even notice what has been stolen out from under  over us.  until we get cold.  at which point in time, I sit up, feel for just a corner of the comforter and pull.  now, keep in mind that I am not a very strong individual while I am awake.  much less after my rem cycle has been interrupted by the onset of goosebumps.  I am no match for the dog who used my comforter as the tortilla to his burrito.  more often than not, my failed attempts to reclaim the comforter result in erik waking up and giving it one good pull … enough the hear the dog roll out from said burrito.

don’t believe me? 


IMG_0985IMG_0987IMG_1013IMG_1014IMG_1198IMG_1212 IMG_1189

*note: most pictures taken on different mornings.

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