Monday, September 12, 2011

remember the gravy …

remember this post from the beginning of the year?  I do.  and I must confess, I haven’t been nearly as faithful in writing in our “gravy” journal as I had planned.  like most new year’s resolutions, things start to drop off the list of “I’m determined to do this {insert object of determination here}” right around the 3rd or 4th month in.  it’s sad.  pathetic, really. 

but, all is not lost.  not yet.

given our lack of actually using a pen to document that little gift for which we are thankful {yesterday, it was a kiss.  and a cup of coffee}, our effort is now made real by the fact that the journal in which we are jotting our gravy has become an accessory to our daily bag of “these are the things we carry around with us all the time”.  it’s a little added weight in my purse.  it will become like an appendage.  with us, all the time, to the point of annoyance.  at which point, we remember that the cause of  my over-filled bag is a reminder that the fact that my bag is over-filled is gravy.  did that make sense?

I didn’t think so.

anyways.  this post, from Jess Anderson reminded me even more about the importance of being thankful for everything.  every day.  even the little tiny, seemingly not so important things, but but in reality, they are important.

so thank you for sharing Jess.  I am reminded once again, of the ways in which I am richly blessed.  I don’t want to waste precious seconds dwelling on the unexciting parts of life.  I am determined to be thankful for the gravy.  every last drop of it. {although the drops never stop …}

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Great post! This is always a good excuse to get a new journal! :-)