Monday, September 12, 2011


one of my 12 favorite months.  ha.  just kidding.  my list of favorited months is smaller than the list of months in general, however I do believe each month has something extra special about it.  whether it be a character of the weather pertaining to that particular month or an occasion within it, they are all special in one way or another.

but september.  there is something about september.  it just sounds different than the others.  maybe it’s because it’s the first of the “em/obers” to occupy the kitchen calendar.  I’m not sure.  it’s just different.

the coming of september signals the coming of fall.  even when the weather fails to turn crisp and cool at the moment the clock turns onto september 21st {the first day of fall}, it seems to bring that excitement for what is to come.  pumpkin flavored treats begin to grace the menus at cafes and local eateries.  stores start to display the newest scarves and hats and mittens and sweaters … the kind that make you wish for a rainy day and a cup of tea. 

september is also the month of so many birthdays … and I love any excuse to have a celebration.  my husband’s to name just one.  mine, to name two.  my cousins, to name three.  {yes, we were birthed from sisters just 3 days apart from each other.  we were pretty much twins growing up. it’s true.}

anyways, I promise not to wish away this wonderful month with anticipation for the fall.  the summer in the west coast state came a little late this year, so it might stay a little past it’s time, but I guess I can live with it a little longer.  after all, the preparations for fall aren’t determined {necessarily} by the weather.  we can still display pumpkins even in the warmth of late september.  it may not be ideal, but it’s time will end … and fall will makes it’s appearance. 

so thank you september for being the starting point.  thank you for providing the change of the tide.  I will enjoy your warm summer days with the hopes of a cool breeze at the setting of the sun. 

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