Tuesday, September 6, 2011

we are seriously lacking …

in pictures of “us” … as in the two of us, together.  not sure why.  but 2011 has been a bad year for the “let’s take a picture together!” breaks in our adventures.  {we went camping with no one but ourselves – and the pup – for an entire weekend, and we left without a shot of us together.  now that’s lame.}  we have lots of pictures from this year … tons actually.  many of food {I like to document it when it’s yummy and pretty}.  lot’s of Erik {that’s what happens when you are the picture taker}.  most of our dog {mainly when he was still a pup.  but for some reason, I seem to wake up and see the mess he made at the foot of our bed with our comforter, and find it odd enough to document by taking a picture.  I have too many pictures of the same occurrence.  I’ll prove it to you later}

so, in an attempt to take more pictures of “us”, here are two from Erik’s 30th birthday celebration weekend:



both taken from phones, so quality is also lacking, but hey, at least we got a few pictures!

I’m taking notes from Davey & Jess who are exceptionally good at “self-timer specials”.  now I just have to convince the husband that taking the time to set up the camera and to take enough pictures to ensure that at least one of the snapshots is photo book worthy, is a task I am ready to take on.


Shawna said...

my eyes can't take it. too much cuteness in one photo.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I wish we could always be together to take each other's pictures, but for the times we're not... way to go on the "self timer special"!